September 25, 2020, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Over 200 participants in Slavonski Brod! A record number of sawmills from the SE Region.

The 7th Congress of the Sawmill Industry of Southeast Europe took place in the Eastern Croatian town of Slavonski Brod on Wednesday, bringing together over 200 representatives of the sawmill industry, forest managers, timber traders, equipment suppliers and public administration officials from Croatia and the region.
Croatian Deputy Agriculture Minister Tugomir Majdak said in his opening remarks that the Croatian government was preparing a new grant scheme for the wood processing sector in order to advance its technological development and increase exports.
He said that two tenders were under way as part of a HRK 8.5 million grant scheme for technological modernisation and wood-processing development, adding that enterprises would also have access to EUR 21 million from EU funds.
“Also under preparation is a strategy for the development of the wood-processing industry and furniture production in 2016-2020, the first strategic document in this sector,” Majdak said.
One of the lines of development for the wood-processing sector is the construction of co-generation plants, which produce both electricity and heat, the conference said. Attention was also drawn to problems with the supply of raw materials and the education system.
Croatia’s wood-processing sector employs 20,000 people and generates over 10 percent of the country’s exports. Its wood processors and furniture makers generate as much as 68 percent of their revenues on foreign markets.

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