November 17, 2022, Vinkovci (Bjelin Spacva)

Year 2013

4th Congress of the Sawmill Industry, October 30, 2013.

4th Congress of the Sawmill Industry of Southeast Europe was held in Eastern Croatia on October 30. Slavonski Brod, Croatia, once again hosted the Congress, where 400 representatives of the sawmill industry from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia, technology suppliers from Germany, Austria, Italy and France, as well as professional experts from the European Union participated.

Goals of 4th Congress

  • analysis of market opportunities for sawmills in the countries of Southeast Europe and the Region
  • introduction of the European and world trends in commercial aspects of primary wood processing
  • overview of the technical and technological aspects of the machinery used in the sawmill industry
  • exchange of experience and making contacts with colleagues from West & Southeast Europe i.e. Region
  • strengthening of relations with representatives from the forestry and institutions in order to create a good business environment

Programe from 4th Congress

  • Quality of logs in regional sawmills
  • Analysis of the log prices ex sawmill in countries of the region
  • Statistics on the logs exploitation(small, medium and big sawmills)
  • Implementation of standards and EU norms for logs and saw wood
  • Trends in the EU sawmill industry
  • Problem related to shrapnel in the sawmill industry
  • New technologies in optimizing process
  • Use of lasers in the sawmill industry
  • New drying technologies
  • Silos, pipelines and exhaustion systems
  • Poplar sawing in the Danube area
  • Branding of some tree species –example of Slavonic oak
  • Investments in modern sawing technologies (examples from the USA, Russia, Scandinavia, Africa)
  • Sales of saw wood and elements/analysis of some EU markets
  • Exploitation of scraps and issue of the wood biomass –production of pellets
  • Energy from wood –examples with different boiler

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