November 17, 2022, Vinkovci (Bjelin Spacva)

Year 2012

3rd Congress of the Sawmill Industry, October 26th 2012

October 24th, Slavonski Brod, closing of the 3rd Congress of the Sawmill Industry for Southeastern Europe, during which 264 participants from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia, as well as guests from Austria, Germany, France and Italy, discussed the possible ways of improving the current situation in the sector. Despite a good discussion and a number of excellent proposals, many of the opened questions remained without a final solution due to the absence of the representatives of the board of statal company Croatian Forests, and high-ranked government officials at the congress.

Goals of 3rd Congress

  • analysis of market opportunities for sawmills in the countries of Southeast Europe and the Region
  • introduction of the European and world trends in commercial aspects of primary wood processing
  • overview of the technical and technological aspects of the machinery used in the sawmill industry
  • exchange of experience and making contacts with colleagues from West & Southeast Europe i.e. Region
  • strengthening of relations with representatives from the forestry and institutions in order to create a good business environment

Programe from 3rd Congress

  • Overview of modern sawing technologies
  • Proper selection of tools makes for better precision and flexibility
  • Quality drying as a means of better utilization and saving money
  • Technical solutions for the processing of logs damaged by shrapnel
  • The importance of quality management of wood dust
  • CASE STUDY: Successful organization of business activities in a sawmill
  • European standards and norms in the classification of logs
  • Market developments and the prices of sawn lumber and elements
  • Access and mobilization of raw material from private forests
  • Wood as a building element
  • Sustainable management of forest resources for the purpose of long-term access to raw material for the sawmill industry
  • Thermal wood and its advantages
  • Minimal technical requirements for sawmills
  • Possibilities in the utilization of wood waste
  • Organization of activities and work safety in sawmills

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